Doing Your Part in a Post-COVID Environment

by | Jul 8, 2020

We are all in this together. That’s the statement of the year.

To do your part as a Property Manager you have to remain educated and diligent, but unfortunately, your days don’t get any longer. As you work to comply with govt, neighborhood, and other potential regulations, short term rental compliance software is going from being a good idea (from a business and operations perspective) to a tool that gives you peace of mind.

While most property managers have (by now), made and communicated decisions regarding short term rentals in the COVID-19 world, changes come weekly. Couple those changes with the fact that more property owners will seek to replace or supplement their income in any way they can, and the time spent monitoring justifiably increases.

“We recognize the challenges communities across the globe are facing in these unprecedented times. Property Guard recently launched a compliance portal that gives our customers the ability to effectively manage short term rentals with the ever-changing city and county guidelines.”, said COO and Co-Founder, Matt Kopchak.

We are just beginning to hear about neighborhood and community concerns about health, safety, and character in a post-COVID-19 world. It appears as if compliance is no longer just about meeting rules and regulations, but for Property Managers, it’s also about marketing and PR. While that may have already been the case (to an extent), the potential impact of a bad news story regarding the spread of COVID is enough to put any Property Manager into a tailspin.

CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Rose, recognizes this emerging issue. “The data we’ve seen over the last few weeks shows a significant increase in short term rental traffic across the country. This tells us that even amid a pandemic and strict regulations in many states, the need for monitoring and tracking remains. We developed new compliance features to overcome these challenges and do our part to support regulations.”

While nothing can minimize the need for proper communication and the creation of health and safety processes that Property Managers are faced with, technology can bear some of the weight of time-consuming tasks. Now is the time to trust in tools that weren’t available a decade ago. Do your due diligence, look for testimonials, but act. We are in this together – for the long haul.

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