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We pair years of improvements in searching algorithms, built into our custom engine, with thousands of hours of experienced quality control employees who know all of the games and techniques that hosts try to play.
Within 24 hours you will receive a notification. Every week we will email you the activity at the property (including listings that are not yours) so you always know where you stand.
Yes! We've found that the best way to reduce all of the unwanted headaches associated with STR violations is to provide you with ample digital and ready-to-print materials.
We are able to feed your exact property outline into our system (not just a rectangle or circle approximation). From 10,000+ home HOAs to skyscrapers to everything in between, we can work with what you have.
We check from 8-15 different aspects of every listing and compare that with our growing portfolio of your property - after we are set up we have the tools to find and identify most violators.
We have a series of progressively unique and sophisticated ways to find these violators. Ask us about our new 100% identification guarantee.

For more support, visit https://help.propertyguard.io/

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