We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to better assist you in understand what we do at Property Guard.
How does the Property Guard system work?

We pair years of improvements in searching algorithms, built into our custom Talos engine, with thousands of hours of experience from our quality control team to ensure all variables are accounted for and the data provided is accurate.

How am I notified when listings are identified?

Within 24 hours of a new listing being posted, you will receive a notification. You have the option of setting notification preferences within your portal, and you have the ability to generate custom reporting based on your needs.

What is your general approach to compliance?

Our goal is to be proactive with short term rental compliance. Our team will work with you directly to ensure your specific needs are being addressed. Whether you permit, restrict, or just want to better understand the activity we have a solution for you.

What about odd property boundaries?

We are able to feed your exact boundary into our system (not just a rectangle or circle approximation). From the largest municipalities to the tallest vertical high-rise and everything in between.

Do you provide the actual address?

Our Talos AI is working 7/24/365 and checking hundreds of aspects within every listing. In most instances we’re able to provide you with the exact address and host name.

What about fake names?

We have a series of progressively unique and sophisticated ways to find these violators. Ask us about our new 100% identification guarantee.