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Property Guard Features

Our approach is simple yet innovative. We believe in casting a wide net and quickly screening out unnecessary data.

Search Engine

Our engine was custom built from the ground up for one purpose: find listings fast! We are continually adding additional short term rental platforms to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace.


Talos is our ensemble machine learning approach to automatically scoring the results from our search engine. Based on hundreds of data points, it can review photographs, rent rolls, descriptions and other data to provide a likelihood score on every single listing – like a Zillow Zestimate for short term rentals.


Daily and weekly reports delivered right to your inbox – it’s that simple! Need multiple properties monitored? We’ve got you covered with advanced reporting options that can be easily distributed to your team(s).


The central hub of Property Guard. Here you’ll all of the valuable data needed, giving you the knowledge and power to act.


Positive match but having trouble identifying the host? A simple click of a button from inbox notifies the host directly – one click and you’re done!


Have a question related to the data or need technical support? Our team of experts are available 24/7.

Our Short Term Rental Monitoring Software

Property Guard is our world-class state of the art software created for property managers by property managers. We used our decades of experience managing properties from around the world to create the best short term rental monitoring solution available. With Property Guard, you can leave the hours of sifting through short term rental listings to our program and the professionals who monitor it. We take care of the tedious work so you can focus on what matters most, managing your properties. Property Guard gives you peace of mind when it comes to the ability to control your properties and ensuring that tenants and residents are following rules and regulations.

Short Term Rental Monitoring Software - Features

Understanding Short Term Rentals

A short term rental is the renting out of a private room, apartment, or home for a period that is less than 31 days. The rental generally comes fully furnished and provides an alternative to a traditional motel or hotel room. They are especially popular in cities and towns that see a large amount of tourism and are a great way to stay in an area that lacks conventional accommodations. Short term rentals are also a way for residents and tenants to make extra cash on their primary home or vacation property while not in use. The short term rental industry has exploded in popularity with over 50% of travelers in 2019 searching for them leading to a 277% growth. Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and VRBO have seen record growth in recent years due to people looking for these non-traditional accommodations. However, some municipalities, apartment communities and HOAs have rules in place to limit or restrict the use of properties for short term rentals. Also, some states have put limitations in place such as the need to acquire a permit or license before a property can be rented out. Properties found not following the rules and not in compliance with regulations can be issued citations that are often aggressively pursued.

Short Term Rental Monitoring

Short term rentals create challenges for property managers and owners. Besides being restricted or limited to regulation in some areas they can cause annoyed residents, higher maintenance costs, and can lead to bad ratings. Whether you block, limit, or welcome short term rentals, a short term rental monitoring software like Property Guard can be a helpful tool. Our proprietary software can save you hundreds of hours by sifting through online listings in a matter of seconds. Sets of data points gleaned from over 100,000 listings have enabled us to easily find offending hosts. This makes it easier for you to find out those that are not compliant. You will receive a report within 24 hours of any new listing giving you the details needed to rectify the issue. Also, you will get an email weekly with a summary of the traffic that occurs around the property. These powerful tools give you the advantage when it comes to short term rental monitoring at your property. Whether managing a whole portfolio or a single property everything can be directly controlled from your inbox. This is especially useful for those property managers who like to take a hands-on approach as you can log in and review all of the listings and criteria yourself.

9 Reasons Property Guard Has All the Features You Need to Manage Your Short Term Rental

Search Engine

Searching the internet for properties that infringe on rules or regulations can be time-consuming and laborious. This process can take up so many hours that could be put to better use elsewhere. Our custom search engine was comprehensively built from the ground up to do one thing, find listings fast! Powerful, effective, and fast, it can sift through multiple rental platforms in fractions of a second. New platforms are continuously added to keep momentum with a rapidly growing and ever-changing marketplace for short term rentals. With this simple but potent tool, you can be sure that any new listings are found with ease and with speed.


Artificial intelligence and robotics have taken the world by storm and changed how the internet is used these days. We have created our tools to capitalize on this revolution in computing to assist us in short term rental monitoring. Talos is our collection of machine learning approaches that automatically score the results from our search engine. In conjunction with those results, it uses hundreds of data points to analyze descriptions, rent rolls, and photos with other data to supply a probability score on every single listing. It is just like a Zillow Zestimate but for short term rental monitoring.

Human Eyes

In addition to our custom search engine and Talos, we also have a team of experts to help handle our short term rental monitoring. In some cases, nothing can beat an actual human sifting through the data set. So that they are always online their highly trained human eyes spread around the world. These are to provide you with the most accurate information available 24/7. We use them to independently verify listings that most are most likely to match yours. When a match is found we send out an alert that shows you the chances of it being one of your properties.


With industry-leading reporting whether you need short term rental monitoring for one property or multiple, we’ve got a solution for you. We offer weekly and daily reports with advanced reporting options that are sent straight to your inbox. You will receive a daily report within 24 hours of a new listing matching your search criteria as well as a weekly report detailing the activity and traffic in the area of your property. These reports can be easily given out to your team or teams to ensure short term rental compliance, giving you the right information to address any issues with confidence.


This is the central hub of Property Guard short term rental monitoring software. The dashboard provides you with all of the valuable data needed. This gives you the knowledge and power to act when a host violates your policies or rules. It is especially helpful to those property managers who like to take a more proactive and more controlled approach. By logging into the dashboard, you can look over the listings and criteria yourself. This makes it easy for you to be a part of the process and control every aspect of your short term rental monitoring.


Short term rental monitoring can be difficult without help from monitoring software. Those problems can be compounded if said software does not have decent support. With our best in class 24/7 technical support staffed by our team of experts, you can be sure you are getting the help you need when you need it. If you have any questions about the data or need technical support, we are always available. In addition to the other features offered with Property Guard, our expert support is the cherry on top. It makes it easy when you know that we have your back with your short term rental monitoring.

Compliance Management

Our Property Guard short term rental monitoring software also gives you the tools necessary to manage short term rental compliance. Many cities and states now have a patchwork of laws and regulations restricting or limiting the prevalence of short term rentals. Property Guard allows you to track and manage an assortment of permits and licenses. The feature can be accessed for those who need it by contacting the Property Guard team. After activation, it gives the user the ability to create permits and share the permit number with the tenant or resident of the property. Properties can then be tracked through the Compliance Center tab showing you the property’s compliance status.


Property Guard makes it easy to notify the host that has been identified as non-compliant. With one click you are done! It is simple to directly notify the host with a click from the inbox. This makes it even easier to ensure that tenants and owners comply with the rules and regulations of the property, municipality, and state. Not only saving you time and money, but making short term rental monitoring painless. Easy notifications are simple and extremely effective tools allowing you to effortlessly and efficiently manage your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Although not necessarily a feature, our proven track record speaks for itself. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we can proudly say we are the best short term rental monitoring solution on the market. “Property Guard enables us to serve our clients without any inference from short term renters disturbing our communities.”

“Property Guard effectively alerts us ahead of time when any of our owners are marketing their units as short term rentals,” are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to glowing reviews. Contact us today to find out how Property Guard can help you with your short term rental monitoring today!

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