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What is HOA Violation Tracker and How Do you Use It?

When owning properties within a deed restricted area (i.e. HOA or Condominium), you can expect enforcement of rules and regulations to keep the community looking nice and well maintained. Aside from basics like lawn care and permitted paint and structure regulations, these rules may also include restrictions and what types of short term rentals, if any, are allowed.

While you may have no issue going forward in complying with these rules, owners that partake in short term rental activity may not acknowledge or communicate these restrictions to short term guest or other visitor. This can result in fees and fines that can build up over time and damage your reputation, decrease property value and negatively impact the association budget.

This is where an HOA Violation Tracker can come in handy. This tool works to help you monitor and chronicle any and all homeowners association violations that occur in a short term rental setting to keep you informed and ahead of anything that may come, even if the property manager does not catch the renters in the act. This can give you the grounds to evict or move forward with fines and litigation and help you simply to track any violations in your community going forward.

Can Homeowners Associations Ban Short Term Rentals?

For the most part, Homeowners Associations get a bad reputation. They can be portrayed as overbearing and controlling. While this is the perception for some communities, for the most part, a well-managed and proactive board will simply act as a ruling center for civil disputes between residents and ensure that everyone has the same right of use and expectations for the longevity and quality of their properties and amenities.

Under many jurisdictions, it is entirely legal for HOAs to ban short term rental usage, especially if they have ordinances specifically banning commercial use of properties within their jurisdiction. This means that you cannot accept transactional situations within the homes that are not approved aside from typical long-term rentals.

Aside from this, many HOAs worry that the presence of short term rental options in a community can attract those who are looking to party or otherwise disrupt the enjoyment of those who live in the area to reasonable peace and security, especially if a specific space is being rented at a lower rate or marketed as a social hot spot. Aside from that, there are also general concerns surrounding the increased maintenance that is often associated with an increase in short term rental presence, as more people are using space more frequently and using amenities in different ways that may pose damage or shorten the longevity of an item’s use.

Regardless of the reasoning, an HOA can likely ban short term rentals altogether. This means that even if you do not allow these rentals, they can fine you for your tenant’s actions since you are the registered owner of the property. This can be costly, especially if you cannot easily find the non-compliant listings within your community. This can be a real nightmare to navigate, especially since many short term rental hubs opt to protect their hosts by obscuring address and hostname data for security reasons, effectively hindering you in finding out who listed your property or if your property is even actually being listed as a side effect.

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How Short Term Rentals Directly Impacts Your Ties to the HOA

So, if your HOA does allow short term rentals, there are still a lot of things to consider before giving your residents the green light to go ahead with subletting their space. Short term rentals are a large venture that requires a lot of management and planning skills, especially if done in an area governed by a Homeowners Association, as there are additional rules and ordinances that must be followed by both the owner and the short term tenants.

If you are in a situation that has rules that dictate an allowance for short term rentals and you wish to go forward with it, there are some things you should consider to help make sure you are on the right track towards fostering and maintaining a good relationship with your homeowners’ association while also ensuring the ventures surrounding short term rental planning is viable and non-damaging to your property.

For starters, having a violation tracker is vital in ensuring you are on top of any and all active listings. Aside from that, though, there are some additional steps you can take. You should ensure that the short term rental agreement is in compliance with the homeowners’’ association rules and regulations and that both the owner and guests have acknowledged same. This will help prevent any accidental missteps and make sure all short term rental clients are well informed of all expectations for their behavior and activities for the duration of their stay at the rental property.

You should also make it clear that a respectful nature should be withheld at all times to make sure that your short term rental clients are aware and prepared to accommodate the long term residents and not disrupt the nature of the community. This will act as a little extra insurance to keep your neighbors and the homeowners association happy and content with the relationship you are trying to foster. Not only will this play a role in preventing fines and other issues, but also help make your time renting properties within the Homeowners Association much easier and more fruitful!

Exactly How an HOA Violation Tracker Can Help You

An HOA Violation Tracker can help you in several different ways, mainly concerning documentation and preparation for action. Depending on what method you opt to use, you can count on twenty-four hours, seven days a week assistance and a host of other features to make the process easy and comfortable. Let’s look at some of the benefits of opting into an HOA Violation Tracker service.

For starters, this device will assist in keeping you organized and ready to manage any situation rental ownership may throw at you. You can keep track of each individual location that you own and track what violations, fines, and fees have been accrued to better understand the comings and goings of your property from a legal, contractual, and transactional standpoint.

Having everything stored in one convenient, easy to manage place can also keep you prepared in case of any litigation needs or homeowners association disputes. This tool organizes and tracks all issues, logging them for future use. You can simply access them and use them as a formal, dated logbook to assist you in any necessary ventures. This can make a rather challenging process much easier and more fluid, saving you time, stress, and money in the process.

Additionally, this can help you sort through which owners are opting to sublet or short term rent their property, helping you keep track of which units are occupied or otherwise in use in a commercial or transactional way. This helps keep everything orderly and ensures you know when someone is in your community and who exactly is occupying a unit or home at any given time since you have access to all of the permits and other data pieces that your owners submit through the same central hub.

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HOA Violation Tracking and You

Regardless of whether you manage one property or one hundred, tracking potential homeowners association violations can help keep your properties safe, secure, and on track to being well taken care of and properly managed. We make it easy to ensure nothing goes wrong with your properties, whether you allow short term rental situations or not, keeping everything organized and ready to go if you need documentation or to look at an overview to help resolve potential issues within your community.

In short, we handle all of the messy work and provide you with a neat, organized outlook to better communicate issues and resolve situations before they get out of hand or result in excessive fees or fines. All of this helps make your job easier, keeps your residents in compliance and your assets protected, allowing you to comfortably and confidently keep track of all of the ins and outs of your locations and who and what enters or interacts with them. The Property Guard team has your back and is here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to make sure you have all of the resources and care you need to feel knowledgeable and advised in your management responsibilities. We are here to serve you and will always do our best to make sure your short term rentals are monitored effectively, regardless of your stance on short term rental allowance or the level of restriction you receive from the homeowners’ association! You’re never alone when you have Property Guard!

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