Municipal Solutions

Property Guard

The perfect tool to assist your municipality with all of your short term rental needs.

We began Property Guard with the goal of hyper-local determination of listing location and ownership. Instead of concentrating on the census block or tract level, our first clients demanded parcel-level results. We built our tools and grew with our clients, across all of the United States. Along the way we built more functionality, like the ability to directly contact the host and the short term rental company – all from an email.

Municipal Solutions

After continued growth we began to get inquires from cities to see if our custom search engine and custom algorithms would be a good fit for municipal needs. The result: the fit is perfect.

Our founding team has roots in municipal planning and city engineering, so the fit with our municipal clients has been improved by adding specific tooling that local governments need without sacrificing speed or result clarity.

Regardless of your short term rental needs and regulations, Property Guard is here to help.

A typical first step is to request a demo – contact our US-based sales and support team today and schedule a time to learn more about our products.