Short Term Rental Compliance Monitoring

What We Do

Compliance Done Right.

Tens of Thousands of Listings

We’ve reviewed tens of thousands of listings and with that we’ve created and curated the data points that are the most likely to identify positive results.

Proprietary Software

We feed that back into our proprietary software, which only learns and improves over time. The result is a very simple report that you receive within 24 hours of any new listing, giving you all of the information you need to arm yourself to address the issue.

Weekly Traffic Summary

Every week we’ll also give you a summary of the traffic around your community. You can manage your entire community or portfolio from your inbox – it’s that simple! If you’d rather take a more hands-on approach – feel free to log into your dashboard and review all of the listings and criteria yourself.

Benefits of Property Guard

We’ve simplified the short term rental compliance landscape giving you time to focus on other areas.

Address Identification
Compliance Monitoring
Customer Support
Rental Activity

Property Guard monitors the most popular short term rental sites, such as AirBnB, VRBO, and flipkey, but we also take it one step further and monitor more than 50 vacation rental websites. Our approach leaves no stone left unturned. Each positive match is then reviewed by our US based support team to ensure accuracy

We’ve automated the monitoring process giving you and your team valuable time back in their day. We’ve also automated the outreach program to create even more efficiency.
Short term rental permitting is handled through our dashboard, giving you access to all of the pertinent data in one easy to find location.
We provide an easy solution for your community to report a violation or ask questions related to short term rental activity.
Curious to know what the analytics look like behind the short term rental activity in your community? Our custom made reporting can audit activity and provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

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The Property Guard Impact

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Listings Reviewed

Listings Reviewed

Our Confidence Policy

We strive to provide accurate information to be used should you need to address problems within your community. Our short term rental compliance software reviews data against multiple databases and works to create a proximity estimate to determine if a listing is yours.

Our data collection is reported on a daily and weekly basis, giving you a comprehensive look at everything happening within your community. Through the dashboard, you can review the full listing, which will provide images and host data to assist you with enforcement and registration.

Additional Data Collection

Our data collection also tells you other useful information, like the amount of interest in the community for short term rental clients and how long the average stay is. It also shows if someone is currently leasing the space and how long their stay will be, allowing you to learn who has been and will be at your community per the listings.

You Can Trust Us

Created by property managers for property managers, the Property Guard software is designed to give you the knowledge as it relates to short term rentals, by protecting you against the issues that can come with short term rentals. Our live staff is available twenty-four hours a day to help ensure you are getting the best service exactly when you need it. We always have your back and will be there to protect your assets!

Looking For More?

Our full-service package ensures that each positive match is being validated by a member of our team.

After looking at hundreds of thousands of listings we’ve become experts in knowing what to look for to ensure you are getting the most accurate information.


Platform Features

Our approach is simple yet innovative. We believe in casting a wide net and quickly screening out unnecessary data.

Search Engine

Our engine was custom built from the ground up for one purpose: find listings fast! We are continually adding additional short term rental platforms to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace.


Talos is our ensemble machine learning approach to automatically scoring the results from our search engine. Based on hundreds of data points, it can review photographs, rent rolls, descriptions and other data to provide a likelihood score on every single listing – like a Zillow Zestimate for short term rentals.


Daily and weekly reports delivered right to your inbox – it’s that simple! Need multiple properties monitored? We’ve got you covered with advanced reporting options that can be easily distributed to your team(s).


The central hub of Property Guard. Here you’ll have all of the valuable data needed, giving you the knowledge and power to act.


Positive match but having trouble identifying the host? A simple click of a button from inbox notifies the host directly – one click and you’re done!


Have a question related to the data or need technical support? Our team of experts are available 24/7.

Understanding Short Term Rentals

A short term rental is the renting out of a private room, apartment, or home for a period that is less than 31 days. The rental generally comes fully furnished and provides an alternative to a traditional motel or hotel room. They are especially popular in cities and towns that see a large amount of tourism and are a great way to stay in an area that lacks conventional accommodations. Short term rentals are also a way for residents and tenants to make extra cash on their primary home or vacation property while not in use. The short term rental industry has exploded in popularity with over 50% of travelers in 2019 searching for them leading to a 277% growth. Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and VRBO have seen record growth in recent years due to people looking for these non-traditional accommodations. However, some municipalities, apartment communities and HOAs have rules in place to limit or restrict the use of properties for short term rentals. Also, some states have put limitations in place such as the need to acquire a permit or license before a property can be rented out. Properties found not following the rules and not in compliance with regulations can be issued citations that are often aggressively pursued.

Short Term Rental Monitoring

Short term rentals create challenges for communities across the globe. Besides being restricted or limited to regulation in some areas they can cause annoyed residents, higher maintenance costs, and can lead to negative reviews . Whether you block, limit, or welcome short term rentals, a short term rental monitoring software like Property Guard can be a helpful tool.

Our proprietary software can save you hundreds of hours by sifting through online listings in a matter of seconds. Sets of data points gleaned from over 100,000 listings have enabled us to easily find offending hosts. This makes it easier for you to find out those that are not compliant. You will receive a report within 24 hours of any new listing giving you the details needed to rectify the issue. Also, you will get an email weekly with a summary of the traffic that occurs around your community.

These powerful tools give you the advantage when it comes to short term rental monitoring in your community. Whether managing a city with over a million residents or small apartment buildings, everything can be directly controlled from your inbox. This is especially useful for those communities who like to take a hands-on approach as you can log in and review all of the listings and criteria yourself.