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Price & Plans


Our SaaS Plan provides you and your team with a world-class short term rental monitoring tool. With this option you receive US-based support and our detailed help guide to assist you in validating active listings at your property.

Our Digital Property Manager Plan uses the same world-class monitoring tool as our SaaS plan. Instead of you or your team validating active listings our team of highly trained experts validate all of your traffic on your behalf. You still have access to the dashboard and receive the same reports and customer service, but the effort of validation is shifted to our team.

Our Enterprise Plan is for our larger clients. If you have a single property with more than 1000 units/homes, if you are interested in portfolio pricing and reporting or have other needs not addressed in our other plans, please reach out to us. We work with several clients with dozens (or hundreds) of properties.

*Our Digital Product Manager and Enterprise plans also include a one-time setup fee based on the number of units/homes.


Digital Property Manager

Billed Annually
$199* /Per Property Per Month
  • Revolutionary Talos AI
  • Self service dashboard
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Expert review by the Property Guard Team
  • Tier 1 support

Enterprise Plan

Tailored to Your Needs
Please Call*
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Municipal clients
  • Customized reporting
  • Integration options
  • >1000 units/homes

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