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How Does It Work?

As a rental manager, you have a lot on your plate. You have to maintain, preserve, and upkeep your rental properties and ensure a healthy equilibrium between hospitality and protective measures are reached. Protecting your property is simply part of the job and helps to ensure the longevity of your rental venture. Using short term rental data and analytics tools to help keep track of any potential subletting or short term rental situations occurring within your space can make this job a lot easier and more manageable!

Property Guard is here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help you manage your rentals and ensure that any short term rental situations are fully approved and vetted. This not only helps you track who and what enters your space but also protects you against any damages or unplanned maintenance issues, which is vital in keeping your rental properties preserved and suitable for long-term use.

You may be wondering, though, how exactly we manage to keep tabs on so many facets of the short term rental market. It seems like quite a hefty job to monitor all of the websites, apps, and individual listings on the internet for a specific client’s locations! That’s because it is but we built a state of the art artificial intelligence tool to keep everything running smoothly. Let’s take a deeper dive into the intricacies of our monitoring mechanics and hopefully help you to better understand exactly what we are doing to help protect your assets!

How Do We Do Our Short Term Rental Analysis?

The behind the scenes magic of maintaining our short term rental analysis system is a pretty fascinating thing. We have created an entirely unique and one of a kind artificial intelligence search tool that is constantly learning and adapting to ensure we are on top of the ever-changing short term rental marketplace. This is just one of our tools but really makes perhaps the biggest difference in the quality and thoroughness of the analytic information we provide and the speed at which we can provide it.

This artificial intelligence is set up to scan through thousands of listings, picking out any that might match to property or locations that you have listed as your own. This tool scans through all of the major and many of the minor short term rental platforms in search of any potential leads and reports them back to us, where they are checked over multiple times by real humans to ensure their validity if you have opted into our higher-tier management levels.

This combination of synthetic searching and human backing allows us to ensure that every single response is valid and potentially helpful. The artificial intelligence combs through more listings per minute than any human ever could, searching for keywords and data pieces that might link a listing back to an individual owner. Once we identify a listing, it sends it back to our human resources, who then individually verify the lead and report it if it might be a viable resource for our clients.

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Short Term Rental Data and Analytics

Talos helps keep us moving fluidly through the short term rental sites and provides insight that would typically take time and human eyes to fully find and validate in the blink of an eye. It is truly invaluable and makes for a massive asset in keeping your properties safe and protected.

The artificial intelligence software, known as Talos, provides a score for each listing to help better gauge the likelihood of the listing being your property. The tool uses a set of unique criteria to predict the probability of a given listing being viable, comparing it to the data provided by the client to double and triple check the individual facets of the listing against anything and everything that could potentially expose it as a lead.

Talos uses several different pieces of data to curate its listings and create its scoring levels for each piece of information it finds. Distance plays a key role, as it shows if a listing is potentially located in the area of your property’s location. This is a piece of data that can be tricky to find, as most short term rental sites obscure the exact location of a listing for security reasons. We compare the general location to that of your property to see if it is potentially a match.

Aside from distance, we also check into the host images and host’s name. To do this, we compare any images of the property or the host themselves and any name or nickname listed to the information provided by our client via their rent roll. This will hopefully expose any listings, especially if they use photos from your listings, their legal name, or any variance of their name that we might be able to pick up on. While this may not conclusively prove they are listing your rental space, it could prove beneficial if the data is available.
The listing description information and listing type also help clue us in on the validity of the lead, as it typically provides very specific information to attract potential short term rental clients. Things like room sizing, floorplan data, and amenities information can really make a massive difference in our ability to pinpoint a potential valid listing.

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About Reporting Procedures

Once we have all of the information collected, we then report it back to you for your own use. All of the information we find is reported straight to your inbox for convenient review and viewing. This makes tracking and monitoring your properties easier than ever and ensures you can see everything we find in one organized and well-moderated location.

Currently, we offer two different kinds of reporting: weekly activity reports and daily listing reports. These two are similar but provide different levels of information and can be used together to create a cohesive case to pursue further action if one or more of the listings proves to be your actual property or rental location.

Weekly activity reports are sent directly to you every single Monday and include information on the total amount of listings found near your property. These may not all be your property and, in fact, are likely not related to your space at all, but can be used to give a general idea about how popular the short term rental market is around your property. It can also be used to give you an idea about other rentals in your area and the fluctuations in traffic and interest in similar locations.

Daily reports are much more in-depth and directly concern your properties and their safety. This report is delivered to you every time a listing potentially matches to your property and can appear any day of the week due to the continuous nature of our program and its unending search mechanics. You can expect these to arrive in the morning since we typically report them to you the day after we find the listing and validate it. These reports provide a lot of valuable data and can come at any time to act as a notification of a potential lead.

Aside from these two structured reports, we also provide a Weekly Portfolio Report. This is catered to help those who manage a large number of properties and showcases the total number of listings to each, rolled up into a single email for the sake of organization and brevity. Think of it as a sort of large-scale version of a weekly report, specifically targeting those who have dozens or hundreds of individual rental spaces to manage and maintain.

Those same large-scale clients may also enjoy our Custom Reporting feature, which can help to organize things further and keep you on track. To set this up, reach out to our customer service team and we will be more than happy to help curate your custom report and feature any data you may want to view on your properties at a single glance.

Side note: since we take screenshots of all of the listings, you can still view any data even if the listing disappears. This makes our reports even more accurate and helps ensure you always have the information you need on hand, regardless of how the market fluctuates or the host manages their data.

We Handle the Rest

Since many short term rental sites opt to protect their hosts, they often do not showcase the host’s actual name or the exact address of the rental that is being listed. This is their effort to ensure the properties are protected but, as anyone looking into property management software for short term rental situations knows, it is often not enough, especially if you are not looking to rent your property in the short term at all or have a tenant who may be listing underneath you.

Due to this, it can be tricky to find out exactly if a property is in your community and who the host is. Fortunately, we have your back! Here at Property Guard, if Talos or our other tools cannot easily find the host’s name or property listing direct data, you can simply click one button and we will handle the rest. Our trained staff will reach out to the short term rental hub and frequest the listing be removed, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process, while ensuring you get exactly what you need when you need it!

We also work to ensure your property is managed fully, assisting you in getting listings taken down and in managing your tenants effectively to ensure they do not misunderstand your stance on short term rental situations and agreements. We have tools and documents available for you, as the manager, to provide to your residents advising that you are using a short term rental monitoring tool. This can help ensure you never have to go through the headache of remedying an unjust short term rental situation of your property but, if you do, we are always here to help and can effectively and efficiently handle all of the rest!

What Makes Property Guard Different

Property Guard is here to ensure your property and locations are always protected and well maintained in all short term rental situations. Whether you do allow short term rentals and simply want to track and manage the listings or wish to seek out and prevent listings that are unapproved, we have your back.
Property Guard does things differently, taking the property safeguard market above and beyond its usual standard to ensure you get the help you need exactly when you need it. We strive to provide high-quality results and customer service to help confidently keep all of your properties protected, regardless of your stance on short term rentals or tenant agreements.

Our unique combination of ultra-smart and continuously learning artificial intelligence combined with our well trained and helpful human staff creates a perfect match up that truly gets things done. We are always here for you, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure you are well taken care of and your properties are safe and secure, even if you are away or cannot easily visit them at the moment.

Keeping your property safe is our mission and we are determined to succeed. We stand behind our products and stand behind you, making sure you are on track to a fruitful, flourishing rental situation where you are completely in control of your spaces and on top of any short term rentals, keeping things safe and comfortable for both your clients and your own team. With Property Guard by your side, there is no need to worry or stress! We’ll handle the heavy lifting for you and make sure you are always one step ahead of any potential short term rental problems or situations! We’ve got your back!

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