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Did you know that in 2019 over 50% of travelers searched for short term rental accommodations instead of traditional hotels? That’s a 277% increase in traffic!

Industry Experts

Our team has decades of experience in Property Management. The hands-on experience allows us to create a seamless user experience that saves you time and money.

Innovative Technology

Hosts can use technology to list their rentable space in minutes, so we started asking ourselves, why isn’t there a technology to monitor this activity? That led us to creating Property Guard!

How Does Property Guard Manage their Clients’ Short term Rental?

Ever wonder what a short term rental is? A short term rental is an act of renting out your home, apartment, or a private room to a traveler for less than 31 days. These accommodations can be furnished, and their purpose is to replace the need for a typical hotel or motel room.

The industry of short term rentals has grown over 277%, with over 50% of travelers in 2019 searching sites like Airbnb and VRBO for accommodations instead of traditional hotels. Short term rentals are especially popular in cities that see a fair amount of tourism such as New Orleans, Chicago, or Denver. They are an excellent way to stay in a part of the city or country far from hotels. Imagine staying in a bohemian downtown condo, or maybe the woods are more of your style with the cozy decor of a cabin on the lake.

Short term rentals can be a great way for people to earn extra cash on their vacation homes or even their primary residence while their away. However, they can also be a nuisance to property owners and managers by creating bad ratings, higher maintenance costs, and worst of all, annoyed residents. Some municipalities and HOAs have ordinances around short term rentals. It goes as far as some states issuing permits to those interested in renting their homes and often in limited numbers. If a property is found not in compliance, a citation will be issued and sometimes aggressively pursued.

The Best Software That Analyzes A Short Term Rental Property

As a property manager, whether you welcome, limit, or outright block short term rentals, it is a good idea to have the right tools. Short term rental management software like Property Guard can save you hours of sifting through online ads trying to find infractions on your states, your municipalities, and your rules. Property Guard eliminates endless hours of searching for listings by using our proprietary software to do the searching for you. We have carefully sifted over 100,000 listings to find and sort through sets of data points that are most likely to reveal offending hosts. The next step involves highly trained human eyes, which we have spread across the globe, so they are always online. We provide them with the most likely listings that match yours, and they independently verify them to be sure we are providing you the most accurate information possible.

Within 24 hours of a new listing, you will receive a simple email report designed to give you the information needed to confront the issue. Also, every week we will email you a weekly summary of all the activity from around your property. This information can give you the edge necessary to help short term rental management on your property. Best of all, everything can be managed from your inbox, whether managing one property or a whole portfolio. If you are a person inclined to take more control, you can even log in and review all the criteria and listings yourself.


Collectively we have decades of experience in Property Tech, Facility Operations and Management.

We understand the challenges owners and operators face when it comes to short term rentals. This led to the creation of Property Guard in 2017 – an easy to use monitoring tool now being used by hundreds of communities across the country.
CEO, Co-Founder

Adam Rose

COO, Co-Founder

Matt Kopchak

Technical Advisor

Luke Gordon


Bob Farrell

Property Guard Features

Property Guard is an excellent software that analyzes short term rental activity. It is used to help effectively manage your properties and make sure that residents and tenants comply with short term rental rules and regulations. Built from the ground up, our custom search engine was created to do one thing and one thing only. Find short term rentals listings fast! We are also always adding new short term rental platforms to keep pace with an ever-changing and ever-growing marketplace for them. We have also pioneered a machine learning approach, which we call Talos.

Talos automatically scores results from our search engine and uses hundreds of data points to review descriptions, keywords, photos, and other data to produce a likelihood score on every listing. You will receive daily reports when a listing matching your criteria identified and weekly reports that detail traffic in your community and the surrounding area straight to your inbox. As well as receiving access to the dashboard where you can see all the valuable data and notifications in one secure place. To add the cherry on top, Property Guard has a world-class support team with experts ready to help 24/7.

Best in Class

All these features combine to create the best software that analyzes short term rental property. Property Guard was created by property managers for property managers. Our team has decades of experience managing properties around the world and has taken that experience into creating the best short term rental compliance tool. You could try and sift through all the listings on your own, which takes a tremendous amount of effort and hours, or you could have a program do all the tedious and hard work for you – this is where Property Guard comes in.

Not only do we provide the best software that analyzes short term rentals, but we also offer industry-leading support for our software. Our experts are available day and night 365 days a year to suit your needs. Property Guard gives you, the property manager, the ability to take control over your properties and be sure that your tenants and owners are following the rules and regulations set forth to them.

These are just some of the reasons Property Guard is the best software to analyze short term rental property. However, do not just take our word for it; here are some testimonials from actual customers about their experience while using the Property Guard software. Worth Ross, President of Worth Ross Management says, Property Guard enables us to serve our clients without any interference from short term renters disturbing our communities.

Our team can easily maintain full control of each property, knowing we have a watchdog on our side, continually monitoring for unwanted activity. Elizabeth Babin General Manger of Seaholm Residences exclaims Property Guard effectively alerts us ahead of time when any of our owners are marketing their units as short term rentals. This has allowed us to catch prohibited leasing practices before they become more significant issues. Thanks to Property Guard, I no longer have a second job!

Nationwide Leader

The Nationwide Leader in Short Term Rental Monitoring

Property Guard provides complete control over short term rental monitoring. No matter your policies and guidelines, we have a solution you can rely on.


Visibility Into Listings

Your property dashboard gives you vision into the short term rental activity at your property at all times. You can see host details, photos and more. Too busy to check the dashboard? We’ve got you covered with daily and weekly reporting delivered right to your inbox. Couple our easy to use dashboard with our industry leading reporting and you’ve got a formula for effective short term rental compliance.

A Brief Understanding of Short term Rental Compliance

Short term Rental Rules and Regulations

With short term rental properties on the rise, it is no wonder that a host of rules and regulations from various states, municipalities, homeowners’ associations, and the like have appeared. It is a complex problem that involves issues such as economic stimulus, affordable housing, public safety, and individual property rights. Every single community seems to be taking a differing approach, trying to balance the needs of local business owners and residents. This has led to a rather haphazard patchwork of regulations and punishments intended to mitigate the growth of new rental properties.

Cities around the world are performing licensing requirements to manage existing rentals better as well as to limit the spread of new ones. Although needing to acquire a license is only effective if compliance can be tracked and monitored. With harsh usage laws, it has driven most hosts underground. Making registration difficult to process, heavy taxes, and without a way to manage compliance beneficially. They actively try to hide their identities and addresses to avoid taxes and regulations. In fact, in only 3 out of the 365 cities surveyed by AirDNA did the majority of Airbnb listings have a license number displayed. This is another area where software that analyzes short term property rental can be effective.

Short Term Rental Compliance

Property Guard allows the property manager to manage and track host licenses and permits. This feature can be activated for those who need it by contacting the Property Guard team directly. Once activated, it gives you the ability to create permits for the resident or tenant and share the permit number with them. Properties can then be tracked through the Property Guard dashboard using the Compliance Center tab. This gives you an overview of listings that were reviewed by Talos and matched with a Property Guard team member and is also where you can link the permits created for the listing. There are a variety of icons that allow for quick identification of each property’s status when it comes to compliance. An hourglass indicates that the permit has expired; a green checkmark lets you know the permit is still in good standing, and a red X means that the property is not in compliance.

When it comes to software that analyzes short term property rental, you cannot beat Property Guard. Our software allows for the total control over the property, whether you allow, forbid, or sit somewhere in between when it comes to short term rentals. It can be the edge that enables you to do what you do best. Manage your property without having to scour the internet to be sure that your residents or tenants are not breaking the rules or the local laws. This software can save you hundreds, if not thousands of working hours and dollars spent. Take control of your property today and invest in Property Guard for your business!

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Will DeVane

I used to spent time making sure that we had no short-term rentals in violation of my Association's rules. But I was never confident that I had checked all the online sites nor was it an effective use of my time. Now for a small monthly charge I am much more secure that I will be made aware of such activities at my property. Property Guard is money well spent. , ,

Will DeVane
General Manager / PCAM, 1505 Elm

Worth Ross

Property Guard enables us to serve our clients without any interference from short-term renters disturbing our communities. Our team can easily maintain full-control of each property knowing we have a watchdog on our side continually monitoring for unwanted activity.

Worth Ross
President / Worth Ross Management

Elizabeth Babin

Property Guard effectively alerts us ahead of time when any of our owners are marketing their units as short-term rentals. This has allowed us to catch prohibited leasing practices before they become larger issues. Thanks to PG I no longer have a second job!

Elizabeth Babin
General Manager / Seaholm Residences

Gregg Saunders

As a one-person office for an association spread over 7 acres, with 10 buildings and 270 condos/owners it was next to impossible for me to do my daily tasks and then have time to search multiple websites for sublets. Property Guard has been a wonderful addition to my toolbox to help manage the association and keep our owners confident of rules and regulations being followed.

Gregg Saunders
General Manager / River Oaks

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