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Property Guard is our world-class state of the art software created for short term rental compliance. We used our decades of experience managing properties from around the world to create the best short term rental monitoring solution available.


Talos is our ensemble machine learning approach to automatically scoring the results from our search engine. Based on hundreds of data points, it can review photographs, rent rolls, descriptions and other data to provide a likelihood score on every single listing – like a Zillow Zestimate for short term rentals.


Daily and weekly reports delivered right to your inbox – it’s that simple! Need multiple properties monitored? We’ve got you covered with advanced reporting options that can be easily distributed to your team(s).


You can leave the hours of sifting through short term rental listings to our program and the professionals who monitor it. We take care of the tedious work so you can focus on what matters most, managing your properties.

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Property Guard Helps Manage Short-Term Rentals

Property Guard provides complete control over short term rental monitoring. No matter your policies and guidelines, we have a solution you can rely on.

Short Term Rentals

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Your property dashboard gives you vision into the short term rental activity at your property at all times. You can see host details, photos and more. Too busy to check the dashboard? We’ve got you covered with daily and weekly reporting delivered right to your inbox. Couple our easy to use dashboard with our industry leading reporting and you’ve got a formula for effective short term rental compliance.

A Brief Understanding of STR Compliance

Short Term Rental Rules & Regulations

With short term rental properties on the rise, it is no wonder that a host of rules and regulations from various states, municipalities, homeowners’ associations, and the like have appeared. It is a complex problem that involves issues such as economic stimulus, affordable housing, public safety, and individual property rights. Every single community seems to be taking a differing approach, trying to balance the needs of local business owners and residents. This has led to a rather haphazard patchwork of regulations and punishments intended to mitigate the growth of new rental properties.

Cities around the world are performing licensing requirements to manage existing rentals better as well as to limit the spread of new ones. Although needing to acquire a license is only effective if compliance can be tracked and monitored. With harsh usage laws, it has driven most hosts underground. Making registration difficult to process, heavy taxes, and without a way to manage compliance beneficially. They actively try to hide their identities and addresses to avoid taxes and regulations. In fact, in only 3 out of the 365 cities surveyed by AirDNA did the majority of Airbnb listings have a license number displayed. This is another area where software that analyzes short term property rental can be effective.

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